Monday, May 14, 2012

How To Become A Successful Stock Investor

Location is of utmost importance - proximity to the city centre and allied services. In the outskirts, connectivity and access to facilities, and social infrastructure hold the key. Apart from this, the age of the building, quality of construction, and the returns on investment expected, are other factors. In terms of the rate of returns, commercial property garners up to 12 percent while the returns on residential property is five to six percent. Increase in rentals depends on the market conditions, and the demand and supply equation.
Let us use, for illustration purposes the case of a Filipino residing in the Philippines, employed and with a salary of Php12,500 monthly. He also has a credit card with Php35,000 credit limit and Php10,500 cash advance limit. This beginning investor, following the program suggested in Finding the Money for Investment, decided to pay himself first, setting aside 2% to 10% of his salary or a minimum amount of Php275 every month. His plan is to invest his savings in common stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) using BPI Trade for his online stock broker or Citiseconline. He will also open a Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Express Teller Savings account once his total funds is in excess of Php3,000, the monthly average daily balance (ADB) requirement of this type of account.
EB5 is a United States immigration visa that is available to investors from foreign nations. This visa is given to the investors with certain restrictions. If the investors live in the US for two years by the guidelines of the visa, he is eligible to get a permanent citizenship. The immigrant investor visa is given to investors that promise to provide permanent jobs for the people of the United States. The immigrant investors are directly responsible for the creation of thousands of employment opportunities. These jobs might be full time or part time. It is important for the investors to live by the guidelines of visa for at least two years to be eligible for the green card visa. Getting the green card visa helps them to apply green card for their families as well. The main advantage of the EB5 visa program is that it is responsible for bringing billions of dollars to the US economy as capital for the business. The EB5 visa program is helping immigrants to live happily in the US, meanwhile their capital is helping the US to improve the economy.
Finally, you need to learn the techniques so thoroughly that they become second nature to you. Those techniques will involve finding properties that have great potential, becoming an effective negotiator, structuring deals that will make you the most money with the least amount of capital outlay, and then how to resell the properties for the greatest amount of profit.
The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, or CT REIA, is announcing the start of its 3-evening new investor workshop. This program will begin on Thursday, February 3, 2011. Additional dates for the program are Thursday February 10 and Thursday February 17. This workshop will take place at the Comfort Inn, 900 East Main Street, Meriden, CT from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Tuition for this 3-evening program is $140 for CT REIA Members, and $180 for not-yet-members.
Stock markets generally move in advance of news or supportive fundamentals - sometimes months in advance. If you wait to invest until it is totally clear to you why a stock or a market is moving, you have to assume that others have done the same thing and you may be too late.
The worst thing an investor can do is take a large loss on their position or portfolio. Market timing can help avert this much too common experience. You can avoid making that huge mistake by avoiding buying things when they are high. It should be obvious that you should only buy when stocks are low and only sell when stocks are high.
If you decide to look for angel investors outside of the family, then you are going to have to woo them with more than a keen business plan. If you can somehow get a working prototype of your new company, then you will be able to accomplish this. But that feat is easier said than done. However, angel investors want to be able to see with their own eyes that their investment has a potential for a return.
Additionally, a basic business background, plus biographies, and past experience will make closing new deals easier. For banks, providing a complete package with the investor information can move a transaction much more quickly than waiting for them to reach a point where they request the information. Having all this information prepared in a manner allowing a quick electronic transfer can be useful However, many investors will (and I advise) insist that the information not be transmitted electronically. This is the best course because sending a hardcopy numbered version for a specific individual reduces risk of the misappropriation of the sensitive personal identity information included in the package.