Monday, May 30, 2016

Invest 30 Percent (or More) of Your Income Into 3 Specific Funds

           Last week, I urged you to live only on 70% of your income.
           So what will you do with the 30 percent that you don't spend?
           You deposit it into 3 Funds.

           First is an Eternity Fund.
           This is your greatest investment with out-of-this-world eternal returns.
           This is your tithe to God. 
           Give 10 percent of your income to this fund.
           Where do you give?  I urge you to financially support your spiritual family—so that they can continue to support your spiritual needs—and bless the world.

           Second is your Emergency Fund.
           You need this when the house roof leaks and needs repair.
           You need this when the baby gets sick and needs hospitalization.
           You need this when the car breaks down and needs a major overhaul.
           You can't put all your savings in your long-term investments such as your money in the stock market, properties, and business. 
           You need some money in the bank.
           So put 10 percent of your income into an Emergency Fund—and make it reach at least three to six months of your monthly income. Once it reaches this amount, you can divert this 10 percent into your third Fund below…

           Third is your Emancipation Fund.
           You put 20 percent (or more) of your income into this fund.
           I've noticed that Filipinos love putting their savings in piggy banks, Pringles cans, mayonnaise jars, and under the mattress.
           Believe me, nothing will happen if you leave them there.
           I strongly suggest your Emancipation Fund is invested in the Stock Market.  If you know how to do it, investing in the Stock Market is the safest and most effective way of long-term investments in the world. 
           What is your goal?  When your passive income is equal or bigger than your expenses, then that's when you can say, "I'm free!”

           Question: Do you have an Eternity Fund, an Emergency Fund, and an Emancipation Fund?  Which should you work on more?

           May your dreams come true,

           Bo Sanchez

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