Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Overhaul Your Financial Life

            Are you having problems with your finances? Do you have a lot of debts? Is making both ends meet a struggle for you?  Are you chained and strangled with a web of loans?
            This is indeed a real bee in the bonnet for some people, and if your answer is certainly yes, then there may be a problem with your financial system.  Maybe, it is designed to drive you towards financial disaster and not to financial freedom. 
            But as the waves of the sea end up rolling to the seashore and the glare of the sun keeps on shining each day,  then there is always hope.  You can still overhaul your financial life!  But the decision is yours to make.  Start now, or start later, or start never!
            I am an average Filipino earner.  Just like a typical working person who labors 8 hours a day, five days a week excluding holidays.  And my payouts are scheduled on the 15th and 30th of each month.  After receiving my “take home pay,” I usually rushed to the grocery store to buy milk for my 3 kids as my budget for it usually falls short!  And the rest of the money goes to food, bills, fare and some “whistles to blow.”
            This has been the kind of life I was living.   There were times that I needed to borrow money from my colleagues for my kids’ medicines because I never thought of allotting budget for it though it’s necessary.  I spent whatever I had left thinking of another payout date to come.  Literally, what happened to me was a cystal clear mismanagement of money. 
            Through a very good friend of mine who invited me to the truly rich club of Bro. Bo Sanchez,  I found the solution to my predicament.  I started to change the way I used to handle my salary, and that is following the basic rule of managing finances.  The formula is Monthly Salary - Savings=  Expenses.  And the exciting part was investing what I saved.  In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to save because I had to practice cost cutting and buying only what was needed, but in the long run, it  became a habit to me. 
            God has really blessed me with this club!  I learned how to invest in stock market the easiest way. I started with what I can afford—5,000 php.  And each month I faithfully add 2k or sometimes 4k to my online brokerage account to accumulate shares with recommended great companies.  In addition, I was encouraged to start a small business with the talent God has bestowed on me!
             Discovering that I was like a lot of people who don’t invest who just spend whatever they have is a great realization.   It doesn’t matter how much I earn. What really matters is how much I invest every single month. 
            Finally, seeing the trend of my investment as I earned about 39% last month with my ALI stocks, I come to believe that investment is indeed the way to overhaul my financial life!  I’m so blest and so happy with what I have now.  Thanks to Bro. Bo Sanchez, my financial and spiritual mentor!

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