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Stock Market Investment (Chapter 1-3)

My Maid
in the

And Why You Should, Too!

Because Everyone Ought to Be Rich
#1 Bestselling Author of “Choose to Be Wealthy”


This little book has been long overdue.
I’ve been planning to write this for the longest time.
But I felt it wasn’t the right time.
Because I was still in the process of teaching my three
house helpers how to invest. My theory was this: If I can teach
them how to invest, I can teach anyone.
Do you know the problem with the stock market
They don’t speak English. Honest.
They speak in some strange dialect that is spoken only in
the second moon of the planet Uranus.
But I’ve solved that problem. If my maids can understand
me, then anyone can understand me.
Today, my helpers are investing in the stock market and
they’re very happy.
I’ll Hold Your Hands Every Step of the Way
Here’s another thing I’ll do for you.
Each month, I’ll send you a very short “Stocks Update.”
I’ll tell you what companies I’m investing in and how they’re
Why will I give this “Stocks Update” monthly report? To
give you guidance and inspiration.
Especially when there’s a crisis, my “Stocks Update” will
be crucial. It will prevent you from selling your stocks because
of your panic—and lose your money. And it will encourage

you to do the very opposite—buy great companies when the
prices are very low.
If this is the first time you’re investing in the stock market,
I’m excited for you. You’re taking charge of your financial

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

The Truly Rich Club

 Chapter 1

Everyone Ought to Be Rich

I preach to thousands every week.
I write bestselling books that are read by thousands
I also speak everyday on radio and TV to millions.
People think I’m pretty big.
So big that I meet only big people.
Well, I do meet big people.
I lead small groups for big leaders and big businessmen.
We call these small groups Caring Groups. In these groups, we
care for each other. We pray together, chat about our lives, and
study God’s Word.
But people don’t know that I lead a very different kind of
group at home.
Every week, I lead a Caring Group consisting of my three
helpers and my driver.
Each week, we pray together, chat about our lives, and
study God’s Word.
I have so much fun in our weekly meetings.
I’m able to help them in every aspect of their lives.
My driver is married. So I teach him how to strengthen his
marriage and become a great father to his four kids.
My helpers are all single. So I coach them how to relate
with their boyfriends. (My other name is Dr. Love.) I teach
them how to remain pure and discern guys.
Oh, we talk about everything under the sun. Their
relationship with God. Their physical health. And yes, their
personal finances.

“How Much Do You Pay Them?”
When I tell people my helpers invest in the stock market,
people ask me, “My gosh! You must pay them a fortune.”
No, I’m not Sharon Cuneta.
I heard she pays her helpers P25,000 each. (That’s only a
rumor. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not.) If it’s true, then that’s
I pay my helpers generously, but not that much. I’ll later
tell you how much I pay them.
But you see, that’s not the main problem.
No matter how high their salaries are, they still can’t save
Let me tell you why.
Whole Civilizations Depend
On Their Monthly Padala
They send most of their salaries back home.
They send it to their parents, siblings, nephews, nieces,
aunties, uncles, cousins, including their pet carabao. Sometimes,
I feel my helpers are supporting entire civilizations. Without
their monthly stipend sent back home, the economy of an entire
barrio will cease to exist. People will loiter on the road aimlessly.
Children will die of starvation. And the world will come to an
That’s not the only problem.
My helpers know enough to save a little every month. So
they don’t send everything back home. And for a few months,
their savings accumulates. It reaches P2500 and they’re happy.
But then, the inevitable happens.
My helpers receive a text message: A cousin’s husband’s
nephew’s neighbor ’s mother is in the hospital. Could they
please send P2500? If not, the patient will die—and they’ll carry
the guilt of that person’s death in their conscience forever.
So they send it. And they’re back to zero. Again.

Every time their savings grow beyond P2,500, their family
Call it ESP. Call it telekinesis. Relatives smell it. And they
So to avoid this problem, I taught my helpers a simple
Believe me, the system works.
Let me teach it to you now.

Chapter 2

Follow a Simple System

Today, my helpers have invested in the stock market.
Twenty years from now, they can retire as millionaires.
The system is really simple.
The moment they receive their salaries, they divide it into
five envelopes.
§ First Envelop: Tithe Fund
§ Second Envelop: Expense Fund
§ Third Envelop: Support Fund
§ Fourth Envelop: Emergency Fund
§ Fifth Envelop: Retirement Fund
Two of my helpers earn P7000 a month.
I know that’s higher than what others give, but I like being
generous to them.
My other helper earns much more because I promoted her
to bookkeeper.
Let me explain each Fund to you.
1. Tithe Fund
My helpers are already so generous to their families.
But I explain to them that we also need to give to God’s
work. I share to them the blessings that come from doing this.
“You’ll grow in abundance thinking,” I tell them, “when
you give beyond your family’s needs. This will make you think
rich and feel rich. And when you change your thinking, you
change your living. Soon, you’ll become very rich. And you’ll
have more to share.”

I told them that 10% is a great biblical guideline to follow.
But I never forced them. I wanted them to decide how much
they wanted to give. I don’t even know how much they give. I
ask them to give it directly at the Feast (that’s what we call our
weekly gathering in our spiritual family, Light of Jesus).
But let us say they do give 10%.
That means they give P700 a month.
2. Expense Fund
This is what they spend for their daily needs.
Since they live in our home, they don’t spend too much.
They buy their clothes, toiletries, and perhaps favorite
food not found at home.
But I’m so happy that they’re very disciplined.
They don’t spend too much on cellphone load.
So as not to spend too much, they take a day-off every
other week only. When they do, they spend for a movie or a
meal with their friends.
They generally live a happy life.
For their monthly expenses, my helpers spend P1000 a
3. Support Fund
Like clockwork, each of my helpers send P2000 a month
back home to their province. They send this for the daily food
of their families. As I told you, if they don’t send this, the people
they love don’t eat.
There was a time when I wanted to end this dependence. I
wanted to help their families by providing a business fund.
Many times, I’ve sent money to the province so people
there can buy a pig, chickens, etcetera—anything that will give
them a source of income.
But my attempts have failed. Soon, they end up selling
the mother pig. Soon, they spend the capital. And the business

Unless there’ll be people on the ground to guide them in
their businesses, nothing much will happen.
So my helpers—and the domestic helpers around the
world—continue to send money each month to feed their
4. Emergency Fund
This, I believe, is the magic sauce.
My secret ingredient.
I told my helpers that aside from their savings, they should
create an Emergency Fund. Because every once in a while, their
families will call them up.
An uncle dies.
The farm needs seeds.
A niece is in the hospital.
The typhoon ravages the crops.
When these emergencies come up, they have another fund
to send back home.
For my helpers, this is P1000 a month.
They put this in the bank account.
Or sometimes, my wife keeps it for them—whatever they
So they have peace of mind that they have money for any
family emergency.
5. Retirement Fund
This is their real savings.
I explained to them, “I call it Retirement Fund because I
want you to retire as millionaires.”
Their jaws drop. They look at me like I said they
would become Barney the purple dinosaur. In their minds,
it was preposterous. How could domestic helpers become

I explain to them the principles found in my other books,
8 Secrets of the Truly Rich and Choose To Be Wealthy.
“Because you don’t have a business, the best way for you
to grow your money is to invest in the stock market.”
Let’s review my helpers’ simple system:
They earn P7000 a month.
They tithe P700.
They spend P1000 for their own needs.
They send P2000 back home to their family.
They keep P1000 as an emergency fund—also for their
So what’s left? P2300.
Remove the P300 for miscellaneous needs.
My helpers invest P2000 a month in the Stock Market.
The next thing I did was to give them a powerful vision.

 Chapter 3

Repeat the Vision

“I don’t want you to touch this Retirement Fund,” I tell
Personally, I think calling it “Retirement Fund” was
psychologically powerful.
Why? Because I brainwashed them with a vision of their
That’s why our weekly Caring Group meetings are essential,
where we pray together, chat about their lives, and study the
Bible together. This is where I raise their level of thinking and
their identity.
Even if I don’t say a word, the mere fact that I spend time with
my driver and my helpers each week, their perception of themselves
changes dramatically. They see themselves with a great future.
I had to give them a specific figure so they’ll understand.
So they’ll get excited.
Excited enough not to touch their Retirement Fund for the
next 20 years.
I said, “You’ll have P5 Million in 20 years.”
Actually, just a shade below P5M. With the system I’m
going to teach you, they can earn 20% a year from their stock
This is on the premise that I don’t give them a raise in the
next 20 years—and thus can’t increase their savings. Which is
highly unlikely. After all, as God prospers me, I want to share
more to them too.

I Scare Them
I also show them the downside if they don’t invest for the
With great audiovisual effects.
Regularly, I bring my helpers to Anawim, my ministry for
the abandoned elderly. For 13 years now, we’ve picked up old
people from the streets. Abandoned by their own families.
Some of these old, frail, sickly women were former
domestic helpers and laundrywomen. After years of sending
money back home to their nephews and nieces, they were left
in the cold.
Now that they’re weak and sickly, they can no longer
work. Abandoned by their employers they served for many
years, they no longer had a home to stay in their old age. They
had no choice but to starve in the streets. No relatives wanted
to take them in.
So Anawim becomes their home.
I ask my helpers, “The choice is yours. Do you want to
be like them when you grow old? Or do you want to retire as
The effect on them is electrifying.
“Helping your families is fantastic,” I added, “And you
should continue to help them. But you need to love yourself so
that you can continue to love others. You need to keep a regular
amount for your retirement.”
So my helpers don’t touch their Retirement Fund.
Because in their old age, they want to be a donor to
Anawim, not a beneficiary of Anawim.
Now let me teach how the stock market works. be continued.

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